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Healthy Mouth, Healthy Body

Health Mouth, Health Body by Dr. Victor Zeines

Through its pages, Dr. Victor Zeines shows how examining the mouth can reveal the presence of illnesses or unstable conditions in other areas of the body. He then offers safe, proven therapies that enhance—not lessen—the body’s own healing powers. Among the highly effective holistic approaches he uses are: acupressure points to relieve tooth pain; healing herbal mouth and gum rinses people can do themselves; natural root canal methods for better results; a special Novocain that prevents palpitations; a simple eight-step treatment to knock out gum disease; and so much more. With its informative content, readers can learn precisely why and how conventional dental care can cause more harm than good. Moreover, this eBook also emphasizes the link between the teeth and a person’s general health. This eBook is available for $19.99.

eBook: $19.99

Your Tongue Never Lies – the Truth that the Tongue Reveals

Your Tongue Never Lies by Dr. Victor Zeines

In this eBook, Dr. Victor Zeines explains the significance of the tongue examination and how it reflects the general state of one’s health.

Dr. Victor Zeines has discovered that most practitioners and patients have an invaluable health tool at their disposal that has been mostly overlooked all these years—the human tongue. Readers would be surprised to learn how much can be revealed about their state of health by an assessment of that organ. This groundbreaking eBook is an introduction to this fascinating subject.

Although there are several books on tongue analysis available, Your Tongue Never Lies is unique because it is the first eBook written in easy-to-understand terminology and geared to the general public. It emphasizes how the problems seen on the tongue may be related to digestion, and how with proper detoxification and supplementation, the body can be put back on the road to health. This change for the better can also be monitored simply by looking at the tongue. Furthermore, it educates readers on a simple eight-step treatment to reduce gum disease.

Packed with illustrations and photographs for easy comprehension and retention, Your Tongue Never Lies ultimately aims to enable readers to have a better understanding of their own bodies. It will open their minds to ancient but still relevant ideas pertaining to health. It is hoped that the ideas expressed in these pages will help readers link themselves to nature and gain exposure to new insights about healing. This eBook is available for $19.99.

eBook: $19.99

Living a Longer Life

Living a Longer Life by Dr. Victor Zeines

Here comes an all-in-one health eBook that cuts through all the confusion. LIVING A LONGER LIFE: How to Create a New You offers a comprehensive yet common sense guide to feeling great, losing weight, and adding years to the readers’ lives.

As both a holistic dentist and nutritionist for many years, Dr. Victor Zeines believes that the formula for maximum health and longevity is not a difficult one. “It involves first recognizing how we are damaging ourselves through our poor diets and stressful lifestyles, and then following up on that with a more natural and healthier way of eating and going about things,” the author states.


How to Create a New You points readers to that direction. This eBook is an easy-to-follow roadmap to achieving the excellent quality of life one desires, based on the author’s many years of writing and lecturing about nutrition and dentistry.

This eBook not only shares tips about wholesome foods, nutritional supplements, and herbal remedies to strengthen the body, but also provides various detoxification programs to clean out all the slime from one’s body system, keeping their insides sparkling clean once done. This eBook is available for $19.99.

eBook: $19.99

3 eBook Special

You can purchase all three of Dr. Victor Zeines’s eBooks, “Your Tongue Never Lies,” “Healthy Mouth, Healthy Body,” and “Living a Longer Life” for only $39.99! (Normally valued at $59.97 .)

eBooks: $39.99

Our Downloadable PDFs

Dr. Victor Zeines offers downloadable PDF guides for Acupuncture, Periodontics, Tongue Diagnosis, Root Canals, a Dental Primer, Color Therapy, Magnets, and Herbs. These PDFs can be purchased for $3.75 each, or as a complete set for $15.

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Patient FAQs

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