Keep Your Dental Crown in Good Health With Daily Dental Care

A dental crown replaces any tooth enamel that was damaged by tooth decay, dental fracture, or cosmetic imperfections. Although the dental crown material is resistant to tooth decay, you still need to provide sufficient oral hygiene for your smile. We invite you to work with Dr. Victor Zeines to keep your dental crown in excellent… Read more »

Making Minor Changes to Your Daily Habits Can Lessen Your Chances of Suffering a Dental Emergency

Oral trauma and dental damage can often prove to be very painful and might require invasive treatments and specialist care. While you can never fully prevent something like a dental fracture, knocked out tooth, chipped tooth enamel, or a soft oral tissue injury, there are still things you can do to lessen your chances of… Read more »

An Overview of Mouth Sores

As the days start getting colder, we start to see a larger quantity of patients dealing with mouth sores. Do you understand the difference between canker sores and cold sores? Is the candida yeast a good or bad thing? And what in the world is leukoplakia? To aid you to prep for mouth sore season,… Read more »

Your Routine Appointment

Dr. Victor Zeines and our team recommend that you visit us for a dental cleaning in Shokan, New York, at least twice a year. Even if you brush and floss perfectly, professional cleanings are needed so that tartar buildup can be removed and so that our dentist can detect any dental issues early on. We… Read more »

Four Habits That Harm Your Teeth

In daily life, it’s easy to pick up some behaviors that can place our teeth at risk. If you are looking to improve your oral health, here are four habits to discontinue: Nail Biting: Biting your fingernails can put you in danger of chipped teeth. Also, biting your nails causes your upper jaw to jut… Read more »

Why You Should Avoid Certain Foods for Optimal Oral Health

The first piece of advice we give out at Woodstock & Manhattan Institute for Holistic Dentistry to anyone seeking healthier gums and teeth is to brush two times per day, floss once daily and get professional teeth-cleaning habitually. The second piece of advice we give is to cautiously monitor the food choices you make. Foods… Read more »

How to Prevent Tartar Growth on Your Smile

Unfortunately, there are many things that threaten your smile each and every day, and tartar is one of them. Tartar is what plaque turns into when it’s not removed on a regular basis. It’s a toxic substance that can irritate the gums and create gum disease. It’s best to remove this substance as well as… Read more »

Flossing Should Never Be Missed

Flossing has been a long-standing partner to brushing teeth. We brush for 2 minutes, twice a day, and floss once a day. But why? Why is flossing so important? Flossing serves to scrape plaque from in between teeth. Plaque is a sticky substance filled with bacteria. These bacteria produce acids that eat away at tooth… Read more »

What Is Holistic Dentistry?

Otherwise known as biological dentistry, holistic dentistry comprises the whole person, instead of just their dental healthcare. At Woodstock & Manhattan Institute for Holistic Dentistry, we offer services to patients who are looking for an alternative to traditional dentistry. Dr. Victor Zeines can consult with you on the type of dentistry you desire when you… Read more »

What Do You Know about Toothaches?

Have you ever wondered what is causing your painful toothache? Usually, a toothache is the result of damaged nerve endings, which indicate damage to the pulp of a tooth. If you feel any pain or discomfort, you should seek treatment for a toothache. Toothaches are often characterized by pain in your mouth that lasts a… Read more »