Tooth decay can cause significant damage to your teeth. In addition to restorative treatments, Woodstock & Manhattan Institute for Holistic Dentistry offers saliva toxin testing and ozoniated oil therapy to help reduce decay-producing bacteria. Please call us at 845-657-2322 to make your appointment with Dr. Victor Zeines and to learn more about tooth decay in Shokan, New York.

Dr. Victor Zeines recommends the following supplements if you are getting cavities:

Immuplex                  2x/day     Supports immune system function
Biodent                      6x/day     Raw bone calcium protein factors
Cataplex F                  3x/day     Diffuser of calcium
Calcium Lactate        6x/day     Diffuser of calcium
Cataplex ACP             6x/day     Connective tissue support
Organic Minerals      4x/day     Reduces tooth sensitivity

You can also use alfalfa, dandelion, and horsetail to reduce sensitivity and strengthen teeth. These supplements can be purchased in your local health food store and are best when made into a paste and used as a toothpaste. They can also be made into a drink, which you can use by swishing the liquid around your mouth for a few minutes before rinsing.

Barley Grass    5pills 3x/day
Alfalfa               5 pills 3x/day

We suggest that you drink hemp or rice milk in the morning, and that you eat fruit.

Vitalboost                 1 scoop       Advanced phyto-nutrient superfood
Goji berry powder     1/2 tsp.       Nutrient rich to enhance health
Maca powder            1/2tsp         Supports the endocrine system
Whey protein            1 scoop       High quality source of protein
Flaxseed powder      1/2tsp          Good source of Omega Fatty Acids

For more information, please contact our office to speak with Dr. Victor Zeines and to schedule your appointment.