Dr. Victor Zeines offers nutritional support for tooth extractions. To learn more about nutritional support in Shokan, New York, and to schedule your appointment with our caring dentist, please contact Woodstock & Manhattan Institute for Holistic Dentistry at 845-657-2322.

The month before your tooth extraction, and for two months following, we recommend that you take the following supplements:

Cal apatite with mag      3x/day        Provides calcium
Cataplex ACP                  9x/day       Diffuser of calcium
Ceraf Ceralin Forte         3x/day       Supports endocrine and nervous systems
Ceralin Forte                   3x/day       Stress protector
Neurosol                          3x/day       Supports healthy nervous system

We suggest that you drink hemp or rice milk in the morning, and that you eat fruit.

Vitalboost                 1 scoop       Advanced phyto-nutrient superfood
Goji berry powder     1/2 tsp.       Nutrient rich to enhance health
Maca powder            1/2tsp         Supports the endocrine system
Whey protein            1 scoop       High quality source of protein
Flaxseed powder      1/2tsp          Good source of Omega Fatty Acids

For more information, please contact our practice to make your appointment with our dentist.