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For the last three months now, I have been maintaining my monthly subscription to Vital Boost and using it almost every day. Since I am not great at pulling off the green juice every day and certainly don’t consider myself a herbal tonic ninja by any stretch of the imagination, it’s certainly helpful for me to have a one-off supplement that I’m convinced is doing good things for my teeth. With four kids, a husband and a business keeping my hands full these days, I am grateful to have this little Vital Boost to bring with me for little road trips, or grab when I’m on the go.

I have noticed an improvement in my tongue coating–in other words, I don’t actually seem to be getting any gross tongue coating in the morning’s anymore. I wondered why Dr. Zeines said he wasn’t a fan of tongue scraping, but I admit that with this little nutritional supplement I haven’t been getting the kind of fuzzy tongue mornings that certainly made me want to scrape my tongue in them morning. It also doesn’t hurt to mention that my last dental check-up since using this product was actually ALL CLEAR (for the first time in a long time.)

To learn more about natural tooth care and the steps I’ve taken to restore my dental health and implement more natural protocols for my family with oral health, orthodontics, etc. You can check out our Authentic Beauty Kit for Healthy Teeth and Gums, or the accompanying 21-Days to Healthy Teeth & Gums e-Course.

Please Note: I do not receive affiliate commissions for this product. I prefer not having a financially vested interest in promotion when it comes to sharing about the health care products I use. I only share what I am using and what’s working for me in the hope that it might also be helpful for you.


  1. “Taking VITAL BOOST has been one of the best decisions I made. It is tasty, easy to blend up with a smoothie. I use coconut milk with fresh and frozen fruit and kale, carrots, whatever I have on hand. I am eating more Vegetables and Fruits, and my energy level is higher.
    I feel like walking more often now and with a history of knee replacements, that is very important. As I get older, whatever I can do to improve my health becomes critical to living longer life.
    What a great deal to get Dr. Zeines 3 eBooks as part of the package! I actually photographed my tongue before I started (Your Tongue Never Lies is one of the eBooks). They are really full of information to make your life healthier. I have been taking Vital Boost Superfood Supplement every day for a month and cannot wait to see what changes will be like after 6 months!
    Thanks Dr. Victor Zeines!“
  2. “A friend recommended Vital Boost Superfood Formula and I have really noticed a definite increase in my energy level since I’ve been taking it. I also don’t have the sugar cravings that I used to. I feel healthier and I like the flavor.“


  1. “I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I went to his office by referral. I actually ended up enjoying the visit. Dr. Zeines was humorous but profession, which put me at ease. The job was done faster than expected and with surprisingly no pain. I felt like I was being treated more like a fellow human than a patient and I will definitely be back.”

Description of work:
I needed a cleaning and veneer put on. Victor was great and made a boring visit fun.

  1. “My experience with Dr. Zeines has always been great. I have a phobia with needles and he is extremely good at making this as pain-free as possible. I’m fortunate that I don’t have any root canals or major dental worksthat needs to be done, but when I have a cavity, he makes me feel at ease. I had one experience where a cavity may have been bordered on potentially being a root canal. He was able to fill it as a cavity and I never needed a root canal-this was 5-6 years ago and the tooth is fine-Dr. Zeines saved it! He always explains in detail, what he is doing and why. He makes going to the dentist stress-free! Would highly recommend him to anyone.”

Description of work:
I’ve been a patient of Dr. Zeines for over 10 years. I have a cleaning from Karen, his dental hygienist 4 times a year and a checkup from Dr. Zeines twice a year. Karen is excellent-great bedside manner and makes me laugh-pain-free cleaning and my mouth feels great after she’s done. After my appointment with her, I see Dr. Zeines for my twice a year check-up.


  1. “My experience with Dr. Zeines was great! He was very friendly and explained everything he was doing. He has a gentle hand as I did not feel anything. My husband is TERRIFIED of dentists and Dr. Zeines made him feel so comfortable that he scheduled a follow up appointment. I would highly recommend Dr. Zeines.”

Description of work:
I had a huge cavity fall out. Dr. Zeines was very friendly.

  1. “I contacted Dr Zeines via Angie’s List and got a message back from him the same day asking about my tooth and he gave his schedule coming up sometimes he is in his NYC office and other times closer to me in his Shokan NY office. I had also left a message at the office earlier in the day. The next morning a very nice woman called asking me about my situation and even though I had no significant pain she said to come in right away and they squeezed me in. Since it is right before the holidays they didn’t want to let it go for weeks. I waited a while at the office probably because they squeezed me in so no problem. Dr Zeines is very friendly and was so great with my ten year old daughter who was with me (who will be seeing him too.. He doesn’t see little kids but older kids OK. FYI.) I know a lot about alternative treatment in general and Zeines is very knowledgeable in alternative treatments and will be helping me to safely remove my mercury fillings which I’m very happy about. He didn’t bat an eyelash at my chronic disease which was refreshing. I only shared it because I knew he treats the teeth and the body’s effect on the teeth and vice versa. Excellent complete exam. Dr Zeines patched my chipped filling to get through the holidays. He was careful and made sure it felt OK. He said it would need to be redone but no cap via sawing half my tooth off like the other versions aggressive dentist recommended. The Dr recommended some supplements to me but it wasn’t aggressive sales like I have experienced in the past with other practitioners. He also recommended things that didn’t require money. I look forward to working with Dr Zeines in the future. I’m sure my husband and daughter will benefit from his treatment as well.”

Description of work:
I had a chipped filling and need other minor work.

  1. “I have been going to him for 12 years. The only thing is that he is only in Manhattan 2 days a week. So that’s the only inconvenience. He’ll always let you in if you have an emergency and that’s what I like about him. Sometimes it’s difficult to get up there on a Monday or Tuesday but it worked out okay for me. He is very professional. He is an artist. My teeth look terrific. He does an incredible job on caps. He is very prompt. He talks to you. He is not there to spike up the bill. He is just a good guy.”

Description of work:
Dr. Victor Zeines does my dental works.

  1. “Great! Dr. Zeines and his colleagues are brilliant kind and knowledgeable. Very happy to have found them and that they are now our family dentists.”

Description of work:
Annual Dental Exam and Deep Cleaning Periodontal Care.

  1. “He squeezed me in at last moment. Checked me out. Took appropriate steps to painless take care of my tooth- on the spot. I was not over charged for the last minute emergency. Staff very professional. Office clean and up- to- date. I will continue to use his services. The dental hygienist is warm, genital, thorough and puts you at ease.”

Description of work:
tooth pain.

  1. “The office was excellent, it was well organized, and the appointments were all on time. He answered all my questions. The impressions and installation were well. The total visit was excellent, comfortable and went extremely well.”

Description of work:
For a 3 tooth bridge.

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