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Why are root canals used?

Have you ever wondered what a root canal is or why root canals are used? Root canals are a form of dentistry that is used to help save and protect teeth from total failure due to damage to the pulp of a tooth. If a tooth’s pulp is damaged, it must be removed to ensure the tooth can survive, as the damaged pulp will often become infected and destroy the rest of the tooth.

The pulp of a tooth is often considered its life force because it sits in the center of the tooth. Within the pulp lies the connective tissue, blood vessels, and nerve endings for the tooth. If your tooth enamel is breached, your pulp could be in danger. If the pulp becomes the target of bacteria that has entered the tooth, a root canal is likely required.

Root canals are a last resort for teeth that have not been treated for cavities. If a cavity exists, the longer it remains unfilled, the greater the chance for bacteria to seep into a tooth and cause irreversible damage. A pulp can also be damaged by severe blunt trauma or any form of oral accident or injury that has left a crack or fracture in the tooth enamel of a tooth.

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