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The details involved in composite dental filling treatment

At Woodstock & Manhattan Institute for Holistic Dentistry, Dr. Victor Zeines offers composite dental fillings to help you restore your smile once it has been attacked by tooth decay. If you ever suffer a cavity, you’ll need to call our office as soon as possible at 845-657-2322 to schedule an immediate appointment. When you come to our office for treatment, you can expect the following things to occur:

First, Dr. Victor Zeines will numb your mouth. This will help you avoid pain or discomfort while you’re in the dental chair. Then, he will use a dental tool (like a dental drill, air abrasion, or laser) to remove the decayed tooth enamel from your smile.

Second, your dentist will thoroughly clean the tooth to make sure there is no bacteria and debris that can cause complications later down the road.

Third, he will apply the composite resin to the tooth. Your dentist will do so in layers. Once each layer is placed, your dentist will harden it with a special curing light. This will ensure a successful dental filling that restores your tooth’s function once again.

Fourth, once all the layers are placed and hardened, your dentist will trim and shape the filling to give you comfortable and aesthetic results. To finish the treatment, your dentist will polish the filling to give it a beautiful appearance.

Call our office today at 845-657-2322 if you have any questions or if you need to schedule an appointment. Our dental team is excited to restore the health of your tooth as well as boost your oral health. We look forward to hearing from and helping you!

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