Our office believes that our holistic approach to your dental care is the most effective way to improve your overall health. We strive to give you the best care through holistic techniques, non-toxic restorative materials, education and creating a supportive relationship. Our practice treats not only your teeth, jaws and related structures, but your emotional, physical, environmental and individual needs. We also test for Sleep Apnea. When we design a plan for your specific dental procedure, we regard the effect of treatment on the entire body.

Dr. Victor Zeines sitting at a table smiling

Dr. Zeines has provided information you might find helpful. Please go to our Dental Care page for many of your dental questions, it is full of a vast amount alternative healing techniques that we provide. Our store contains products that will improve your health. The healthy books I have written will help you to add years to your life.

Dr. Zeines has been practicing Holistic Dentistry for the past 25 years. He received his degree from N.Y.C. College of Dentistry and completed an internship at the Eastman Dental Center in Rochester New York.

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